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Leadership is a great opportunity and a weighty responsibility. It’s exciting and daunting at the same time as you take on the daily demands involved while trying to achieve the big-picture goals you envision for your company or organization. Maybe you wonder… How can I create a high-performance team and increase profits while keeping my day-to-day operations going strong (or getting them where they need to be)? How do I attract top talent in this climate where the battleground is for employees, not just new customers? What’s the secret to producing excellent customer service on a consistent basis that can’t be rivaled by the competition? What do leaders of legendary organizations know that I don’t about recruiting and developing future leaders? Terry Gwaltney knows how you feel. He understands the frustration of not knowing where to begin to change the status quo. But throughout more than 30 years of entrepreneurial ventures and the failures and successes along the way, he’s discovered proven keys to help get you where you want to be. Dive into these pages and discover what’s possible when you follow the principles and practices that have made him the successful entrepreneur he is today. Take this journey and begin forging your own path to success that you’ve only dreamed of!

Culture-Neer : Building A TeamThat Beats The Odds

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